What is Coliving Revolution?

Who Are We?

Coliving Revolution is dedicated to visiting & reviewing coliving accommodations around the world. 

Our founder, Dani Leigh, was a nomad for her entire twenties, mainly living in backpacker hostels and budget Airbnbs. 

She knows the struggles of trying to work when you’re surrounded by people who just want to party, of arriving at a place to find that there’s no desk or spotty WiFi, and of feeling isolated & disconnected from the digital nomad community.

Because she knows what doesn’t work in accommodation for nomads, she also knows what does work, and she’s on the hunt for those perfect coliving spaces where nomads can truly thrive.

coliving revolution

What makes a great coliving space?

There are certain qualities that every coliving space needs to possess if it’s going to be a viable option for digital nomads.

Here are the things we value when looking for coliving spaces: